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Hang Seng Commercial Banking WeChat Official Account

WeChat Official Account is now live!

Act now and follow our Official Account to grasp the hottest market news and receive updates of our latest products and services.

Key Features

Account Binding

Bind you Business e-Banking account in WeChat to receive mobile reminders at anytime and anywhere

News about Digital Services

To receive the latest update about our new digital services of banking and products

Video Channel

Enjoy and keep up-to-date on latest exclusive video content and campaigns produced by Hang Seng Commercial Banking

How to follow our WeChat Official Account?




Find us by searching HangSengHKCMB 或 恒生香港商業理財 or by scanning our QR code within the WeChat app.

Method 1



Use the QR code scanner inside WeChat to scan the QR code (tap ‘Discover’ at the bottom of the screen)


Redirect to our WeChat page (恒生香港商業理財) and press "Follow"


Method 2


Search WeChat ID:


Method 3



Screen capture the QR code on the page


Select the screen capture in the QR code scanner inside WeChat (select ‘Album’ option once inside WeChat QR scanner)


Redirect to our WeChat page (恒生香港商業理財) and press "Follow"