Trading with China

Sharpen your business edge in Greater China

Your Concern as an Exporter (Supplier):

Trade documents are processed by your shipping department located in PRC, but your banking relationship is maintained in Hong Kong.

“MainlanDirect” Trade Services:

Your trade documents are prepared by your shipping department located in mainland China.

Instead of delivering trade documents to us in Hong Kong, you may choose to present your trade documents prepared in Mainland China to the following branches of Hang Seng China for immediate processing:

  • Shenzhen Branch (86755) 8261 5677
  • Dongguan Branch (86769) 2313 8838
  • Guangzhou Branch (8620) 3811 0820
  • Ningbo Branch (86574) 8387 6888    
  • Shanghai Branch (8621) 6182 3873

Contact Us 

Call 2198 8000
Call 2198 8000

How could we make a difference for you with “MainlanDirect”?

A Time and Cost Saving Solution

There is no need to bring the trade documents to Hong Kong, saving your time and courier costs.  

Quicker Access to Cashflow

As the branches of Hang Seng China will process the transactions immediately, you can obtain finance or receive the proceeds from export quickly.

Improved Workflow

Workflow can be improved since discrepancies in the trade documents are followed up by the branches of Hang Seng China.
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