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Choice of 12 currencies

12 types of currencies
US Dollar Renminbi Australian Dollar
Canadian Dollar Swiss Franc Euro
Pound Sterling Japanese Yen New Zealand Dollar
South African Rand Thai Baht Hong Kong Dollar


  • Minimum deposit amount is as low as HKD10,000 (depending on tenor) or 1,000 units in foreign currency (except Japanese Yen and Thai Baht which require 100,000 units, as well as Renminbi and South African Rand which require 10,000 units)
  • Deposit tenors from one week to five years¹
  • Interest payable automatically every month²
  • What's more, the credit line for an overdraft facility using your HKD time deposit as collateral is 95% of deposit amount, giving you added flexibility

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  1. Four-year and five-year tenors are only applicable to HKD and USD deposit.
  2. Should the Time Deposit maturity date and/or interest payment date fall on a non-clearing day, the deposit and/or interest will be payable on the following clearing day with the interest being paid up to but excluding that day.