Network Counter Pay-In Service

Your Priority:

Speeding up your payment collection process and providing payment convenience to your customers.

Network Counter Pay-In Service:

Streamlining your bill payment collection process and extending a far-reaching payment network to your diverse customers.

How it works:

  1. Your customer presents a Bill/Payment card printed with a Bar Code. The bar code should carry relevant payment reference details.

  2. Customer can bank in a maximum amount of up to HK$5,000 in cash transactions via any Network Counter at service points around Hong Kong.

  3. Once cash is received, the Network Counter outlet will issue the payer with a payment receipt.

  4. A banked-in report will be compiled and you can get the full amount deposited automatically into your Hang Seng Bank Account within two business days.

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How can we make a difference for you with Network Counter Pay-In Service?

Better serve your customers

Our wide coverage of Network Counters offers your customers a faster, more convenient way to pay.

Minimise operating costs and risk in handling cash

Save cost and resources by divesting your own collection counters. Focus on your core business and reduce the risk of handling large amounts of cash.

Simplified administrative works

Get detailed payment reports to facilitate your accounts reconciliation, simplify your bill payment collection process and minimise the risk of potential human error.




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