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A hardcopy advice will be printed on the following day of the remittance to your account and then mailed to the customer.

For Hang Seng Business e-Banking customers, they will receive an Inward Remittance e-Advice when the fund is successfully remitted to their accounts. The advice(s) will be kept for 30 days from the advice(s) delivery date. After that, the advice(s) will be deleted automatically. Moreover, they can also set up e-Alert which is a default free service. The e-Alert will notify you of an inward payment of any amount or a specified amount credited to your company account. Please note that the credit amount is the net amount after deduction of charges, if any.

For Hang Seng HSBCnet customers, they will get an Inward Remittance Advice under "Balance and transaction Reporting" when the remitted fund is successfully credited to their accounts.


Under normal circumstances, funds will be credited to the customer’s account on the same day if remittance instruction from the remitting bank is received before the cut-off time on a business day (i.e. 5:30pm on Mondays to Fridays; 11:00am on Saturdays; public holidays excepted).


Please refer to “Part B: Remittances and Foreign Exchange Services > Inward Remittances” of the Bank’s prevailing tariff for details. 


General information:
You should provide to the remitter your account information including account holder's name, bank's name e.g. Hang Seng Bank Limited and account number as well as Hang Seng Bank Limited's SWIFT code, which is HASEHKHH.

From USA:
For remittance from USA, you should also provide our CHIPS No. 010522 in addition to your account information and Hang Seng Bank Limited's SWIFT code.

Or, you can simply download our template and email/fax to your business counterparts.

Enquiry on transactions

It is vital to provide complete and accurate account information to the remitter. Otherwise, the remittance may be delayed or rejected. If our Bank is able to identify that you are the beneficiary of a remittance with incorrect beneficiary details such as account number and name, our Bank may request you to inform the remitter to make an amendment via the remitting bank. You can call our Business Partner Direct 2198 8000 to check the status of your remittance.

There are three channels for enquiring inward remittance transaction in details, which are:

  • Hang Seng Business e-Banking︰Logon to Hang Seng Business e-Business and select “Cash Management”>”Receivables Tracker”, you may view your inward remittance transaction status for transactions executed in recent 60 days. 

  • Hang Seng HSBCnet︰The authorized user may logon to Hang Seng HSBCnet and check the inward remittance transaction details via the bank account under “Account Information” tool, then click “Statements” tab and click on “Credit Amount” to view the transaction details for last 180 days.

  • Phone Banking︰If you have PIN, you can call our Phone Banking 2198 8000 to check the inward remittance transaction records for last 12 days (Choose language, then press 1 – 2 - 6 (press PIN) -1-2).

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  • Please note the information relating to the services stated above are for customer's reference only and may be subject to changes from time to time by Hang Seng Bank Limited ("the Bank").
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