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Trade Services

Please ensure you have read and understand the relevant terms and conditions as provided for the applications before completing the downloaded forms. Upon completing and signing the downloaded forms, you shall be deemed to have read and understood the relevant terms and conditions that are applicable to the relevant applications and agreed to be bound by them.

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  • Advice-at-Once


  • Amend To Transferred Credit(Macau)
  • Export Doc Handling Instructions(Macau)
  • Export Draft (Macau)
  • Export Trade Loan (Macau)
  • Full Transfer (Macau)
  • Letter Of Indemnity (Macau)
  • Partial Transfer (Macau)
  • Undertaking For Packing Credit(Macau)


  • Application For DC Amendment (Macau)
  • Application For Shipping Guarantee (Macau)
  • Documentary Credit Application (Macau)
  • Import Trade Loan (Macau)
  • Trust Receipt (Macau)
  • Irrevocable Standby Documentary Credit Application with Counter-Indemnity (Macau)

Receivable Finance

  • Notification Of Credit Notes (Macau)
  • Notification Of Debts (Macau)
  • Prepayment Request (Macau)

Bank Guarantee Services

Other Forms