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Talk to B E R I - the Hang Seng Business Virtual Assistant.

Key Features


Chat with B E R I on WhatsApp

You can now chat with B E R I on WhatsApp anytime anywhere. Whether you are looking for Credit Card, Lending, Trade Services, Account Opening, Bank Accounts, Cash Management, Service Channels or business solutions, simply chat with B E R I to get your answers straight away. Let’s enjoy enquiring a wide range of hassle-free banking services and FX updates with simple conversations.

Answer your enquires

Our B E R I can answer your enquires on general commercial banking services, includeing: Account Opening, Bank Accounts, Cash Management, Service Channels and Lending.

In addition, after logging-on Hang Seng Business e-Banking, our B E R I can provide you additional banking services as follows:

  • Instant access of account summary
  • One stop FX buy/sell experience
  • View and print e-statement






Artificial intelligence

B E R I possesses artificial intelligence and natural language processing ability.

Round-the-clock services

B E R I is capable of addressing customers' general commercial banking enquiries for selected banking services 24/7.










Desktop and mobile support

B E R I is available on desktop and mobile in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. B E R I currently covers selected business scopes and its coverage will be further expanded in the coming future. 

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(Tutorial) B E R I Real Time FX Buy/Sell Service

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