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Hang Seng Business Mobile App provides a gateway to Hang Seng Business Mobile Banking and also helps you to connect with us. Grasp your smartphone or tablet, download the App by searching "Hang Seng Business Banking" at App Store or Google Play(1)(2), and business opportunities are at your fingertips!


  • Logon to key business mobile banking services
  • One-stop service of Business Loan: calculate Business Loan Repayment Schedule(3), submit application, and upload supplementary documents at a time
  • Locate your nearby Business Banking Centre and make appointment at a time
  • Support multiple Internet-enabled devices(4)


Service Features

Business Mobile Banking (Logon required)

  • Account overview
  • Fund transfer to self-named accounts
  • Fund transfer to pre-registered accounts (local & overseas banks)
  • Setup new time deposit
  • Payment Authorization / Amendment / Deletion
  • Online Preferential Pricing

Hang Seng HSBCnet Mobile (Logon required)

  • Account Overview
  • Payment Authorization
  • Payment Authorization Alert

One-stop Service of Business Loan

  • Handy Business Loan Calculator with detailed repayment schedule(3)
  • Submit business loan application
  • Upload supplementary documents

Make Appointment to Business Banking Centre

  • Make Appointment via Mobile App
  • Locate details of Business Banking Centres

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Non-Business e-Banking customers
Non-Business e-Banking customers

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(1) The Business Mobile Services are free of charge, but banking and transaction charges may apply when you conduct transactions via Hang Seng Business e-Banking, Hang Seng Business Mobile Banking, Hang Seng HSBCnet or Hang Seng HSBCnet Mobile. Please refer to the Bank's prevailing scale of fee and charges. For details, please visit or our branches. In addition, you are responsible for any fees and charges which may be levied by your telecommunication service provider from time to time. For any queries on charges for internet access, you should contact your telecommunication service provider.

(2) iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can download at Apple App Store.
 Android OS users can download at Google Play.

(3) The repayment schedule is for reference only which does not reflect the actual repayment process and the allocation of principal and interest.

(4) The Business Mobile Services can be accessed via the network of any local or overseas telecommunications service provider. You can use a 2G, 3G, 4G, HSDPA or Wi-Fi service. However, you must have an internet service plan and device that can support internet access.
 Access to the Internet may also involve set-up procedures on your device for some fixed IP SIM cards. You should check with your telecommunication service provider for details and up-to-date instructions.
 The connection speed may vary for different telecommunication service providers, different internet service plans , and different geographical locations. If you experience a slow response during mobile web browsing or data transmission, please check with your telecommunication service provider.