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Smart use of your own Commercial Data with CDI


What is CDI?

Commercial Data Interchange(CDI) is data infrastructure that facilitates the data sharing between Banks and Data Providers.

How does CDI in Hang Seng work?

Before the realisation of data sharing, SMEs have to express data sharing consent to Hang Seng, so that we are authorised to submit data request and receive data from dedicated CDI data providers.

How can SME benefit from using CDI in Hang Seng?

By sharing your own commercial data, professionals in Hang Seng will have a better understanding on your latest operating conditions and business prospects, which facilitates the review of your bank product application.

With Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform, you can now enjoy the enhanced banking experience when managing your bank product application by opting to share your commercial data and waiving paper-based document submission*.

* Subject to Terms & Conditions of each product application

What kind of commercial data can be shared with Hang Seng?

Hang Seng strives to promote commercial data sharing. As a result, we are working with data providers from different industries to expand the data sharing scope.

We are currently working with QFPay HK to promote CDI. If you are QFPay HK customer, you can enjoy this innovative solution in advance by simply filling in the data sharing consent when submitting a bank product application with us.

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How to submit the consent for data sharing?

Step 1: Download and fill in the CDI Consent Form.Please note the followings:

  • Under Section IV Remarks, please provide the Auth code from QFPay HK. You may refer to the QFPay HK FAQ for details.
  • Once the consent form is completed, click Print under File and choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” for printer. A completed form in PDF format will be saved in your computer.
  • Step 2: Apply your Business Loan.

    Step 3: In the “Documents Upload” section, click Upload under Business Proof to upload the completed CDI Consent Form.