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Hang Seng HSBCnet Mobile App

Hang Seng HSBCnet Mobile App

Experience better mobile apps interface with direct access to selected Hang Seng HSBCnet services on-the-go anytime and anywhere.

Service Overview

Functionalities Details
Account Enquiry
  • Check account and balances information
  • View Receivables Finance accounts and transaction history


  • Authorize Priority Payments, Inter-Account Transfer, AutoCollect/ AutoPay and File Level payment Instructions
  • Authorize Import Bill Instruction, Import Loan and Import DC application/ amendment
Authorization Alerts
  • Receive notification of payments ready for authorization via “My Alerts”
Biometric Authentication1
  • Biometric Authentication gives you a simple, secure and fast way to view your Hang Seng account balances and statement details on the go via your smartphones.
  • For Apple device users: you may use biometric authentication by both Touch ID and Face ID, with compatible device and OS.
Receivable Finance
  • Manage Receivable Finance services
Trade Transactions Tracker
  • Consolidated real-time status overview of your trade transactions

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Call 2198 8000
Call 2198 8000

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Improved Efficiency

Banking transactions can be carried out securely and faster via mobile devices at your fingertips anytime, anywhere

Increased Visibility

With on-demand access to real-time account balances and authorization capability combined with timely alerts - allows you to manage your accounts with ease and make better informed decisions.

A peace of mind with enhanced optimization

Offers you enhanced optimization for your device with even more direct access to your entitled accounts and services.