Trade Finance Services

We are committed to providing premium and professional trade services that offer you speedy and reliable trade documents processing. Our comprehensive trade financing services and expert solutions in handling trade documents include: 

Export-Related Services

  • LC Advising
  • LC Confirmation
  • LC Negotiation
  • Export Bills Purchase
  • Export Bills Collection
  • LC Transfer
  • Factoring Services
  • Various Export Trade Loans
  • Advice-at-once 

Import-Related Services

  • LC Issuance
  • Back-to-Back LC Issuance
  • Standby LC Issuance
  • Shipping Guarantees
  • Inward Bills Collection
  • Various Import Trade Loans 

Contact Us

Call (853) 8598 7000
Call (853) 8598 7000
  • Please enquire with the Bank about relevant fees and charges.
  • Before using any of the trade Services forms, please open and print out the "Terms and Conditions under Irrevocable Documentary Credit Application", the "Terms and Conditions under Simple Trust Receipt", and the "Terms and Conditions for Export Collections Instructions". Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they apply to the relevant instructions / applications which you may submit using the downloaded forms.