Import Trade Services

Provide fast and smooth processing services for your international transactions

Your Concern as an Intermediary, Trade or Sourcing Office:

Securing payment from the ultimate buyer while giving the ultimate supplier supplier payment assurance to ship the goods. 

Back-to-Back Documentary Credits Service:

A Back-to-Back DC is issued to your supplier based on the same terms and conditions of the Export DC you received from the buyer (the Master DC), except that:

  • The value may be lower than the Master DC.
  • Shipment and expiry dates may be earlier.
  • The period for presentation of documents is shorter than that allowed in the Master DC, so that you have sufficient time to prepare and substitute the documentation (usually draft and invoice) prior to negotiation under the Master DC.
  • Insurance coverage must cover at least 110 percent of the value of goods under the Master DC (Carriage and Insurance Paid To (CIP)) or (Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value).

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Call 2198 8000

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Hang Seng SME Trade Loan tenor up to 90 days

How could we make a difference for you with Back-to-Back DC? 

Less Collateral Value Is Required

Using the Master DC as collateral, we can issue a Back-to-Back DC to your supplier. Back-to-Back DC uses less credit facility limit than a normal DC.

Free Professional Consultation Service

Our professional trade consultants are always ready to give you advice on trade solutions.

Trade Finance

We may negotiate the documents under the Master DC to settle the payment of the Back-to-Back DC, easing your cash flow.

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