Import Trade Services

Provide fast and smooth processing services for your international transactions

Your Concern as an Importer (Buyer):

The goods have arrived but the trade documents are still on their way.

Shipping Guarantee Service:

We understand you may want to take delivery of goods before arrival of documents. We can help you by issuing a Shipping Guarantee to the shipping company. You can then take immediate possession of the goods for your business. 

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Call 2198 8000
Call 2198 8000

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How could we make a difference for you with Shipping Guarantee Service? 

Cost savings

Avoid storage and demurrage charges.


Shipping guarantee service is available for both Documentary Credits and Documentary Collection.

Avoid Delay

To suit your urgent needs, you may fax your application to us and collect the shipping guarantee at the following Trade Services Office:

G/F, Hang Seng 113, 113 Argyle Street, Mongkok




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