Import Trade Services

Provide fast and smooth processing services for your international transactions

Your Concern as an Importer (Buyer):

When purchasing goods or services, cash flow stress arises due to advance payments.

Cash flow is required for settling the bills and/or invoices of supplier. 

Pre-Shipment Buyer Loans:

Support your financing needs by paying your suppliers prior to the shipment or delivery
of goods and services.

Post-Shipment Buyer Loans:

Allow you to make prompt payments to your suppliers, putting you in a better position
to negotiate discounts with them.

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Call 2198 8000
Call 2198 8000

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Hang Seng SME Trade Loan tenor up to 90 days

How could we make a difference for you with Import Finance? 

Improved Cash Flow

We offer finance facilities that can be structured to fit your trading cycle and best meets your business needs.

Mitigating Foreign Exchange Fluctuation

The finance facilities will be set up in your preferred currencies. To minimize the impact of foreign exchange fluctuation, you can enter into forward exchange contracts with us.

Capturing Market Opportunities

Your structured finance facilities allow you to make prompt payments to your supplier which puts you in an enhanced position to negotiate discounts with your supplier.

Caring service

We will remind you by mail before maturity date and by phone on date to help avoid past due interest payment.

Hang Seng Trade Pay

Integrate trade finance and supplier payment into a single, fast, and seamless process.

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