Receivables Finance

Help you better manage your cash flow and provide credit protection

Your Concern as an Exporter (Supplier):

Converting your accounts receivables to cash without any collateral.

Receivables Finance Services:

  • Allow you to assign your outstanding accounts receivables to us in return for an advance payment.
  • We can also provide you with credit protection against buyer default and take care of managing your debtor accounts if required.
  • Domestic Receivables Finance: Enables you to obtain immediate funding by assigning the accounts receivables of your local sales and enjoy protection against your buyers’ credit risk.
  • Export Receivables Finance: Enables you to cash in your accounts receivables from PRC or overseas buyers and enjoy protection against your buyers’ credit risk.



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Call 2198 8000

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How could we make a difference for you with Receivables Finance?

Waiving the Need to Provide Collateral

Once you have assigned your open account sales to us, you will have immediate access to the proceeds from export. No collateral is required.

Better Cash Flow Management

You can make use of your accounts receivables to finance business needs with the early conversion of accounts receivables to cash through Receivables Finance.

Credit Protection to a maximum of 90%

We partner with a number of prominent insurance companies and offer you up to 90% credit protection against payment defaults by your buyers. The protection is extended to exports from Hong Kong, Macau and China, and exports to buyers in developing countries.

Reduced Administration Work

Debt collection and sales ledger management will be borne by us so you can concentrate your resources on sales and production.

Credit Management

We conduct credit checks on buyers to help you manage payment risks.


Digital Receivables Finance

We are proudly introducing Digital Receivables Finance (the “Digital RF”), a digitized solution to simplify your application for the Receivables Finance Service* (the “Receivables Finance”) to boost your competitiveness in the fast-paced trade ecosystem with enhanced export finance solutions.


Benefit from Digital RF:

  • No software installation
  • 24x7 status tracking
  • No additional charge for Digital RF
  • Digitized ledger analysis


Want to turn invoices into cash as quickly as possible?
Receivables Finance is just what you need
To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Application of Receivables Finance is subject to terms and conditions to be agreed between the Bank and you.

Apart from conventional Receivables Finance, we can also provide customized solution that best suits your unique business needs. Contact us for more information on customized trade solutions.