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What is the Remittance Smartform?

The Remittance Smartform ("Smartform") is a PDF version of our remittance application form for easy placing of an Outward Telegraphic Transfer (ORTT) or a Local Interbank Transfer instruction. Simply input the details of your instructions, print and sign the form, then submit the form to any one of our branches for processing as usual.

With effect from 1st January 2021, outward remittance to China which processing by CNAPS code would be suspended. Please use SWIFT BIC code of beneficiary bank for the transfer to avoid delay payment and/or extra correspondent bank charges. For information of SWIFT BIC code, please contact beneficiary or beneficiary bank.


  • User-friendly design makes form filling easier

  • Some input fields are built in with validation logics or a pull-down menu to simplify the input process and to ensure data accuracy

  • The Save function allows you to retrieve a template and modify the instructions easily and conveniently

  • The information you input will be automatically saved in a barcode/QR code on the bottom right corner of the Smartform. The barcode/QR code information will be fed into the Bank's system for speedy processing

  • The Print & Validate function automatically checks the completeness of instructions before you print the form

Steps to Use the Form:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  • Click here to download a Remittance Smartform
    (Last update on Jun 2022; Version: HASE-May22-02)
    Please upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this form. If fail to open, please open by Microsoft Edge with clicking “here” above then click the three dots “…” in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Edge browser window and select “Reload in Internet Explorer mode".

  • Remittance Smartform Fill in Sample
  • Input payment instructions
  • Save the form
  • Click "Print & Validate Form" to generate a 2D barcode/QR code and to print the Smartform
  • Sign the Smartform
  • Submit it at a branch

Before submitting a Smartform, please note:

  • Click "Print & Validate Form" to print. Do not use the print option button from the toolbar as this will not validate your information and no barcode/QR code will be generated
  • Keep a copy for your record before submitting the Smartform
  • Sign the printed Smartform with a black or blue ball-point pen

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The Smartform should be printed by a laser printer with at least 600dpi resolution for the actual size (A4). Both single-sided and duplex printings (printed on both sides) are acceptable. Using other types of printer (e.g. an inkjet) may cause ink smudges and so is not recommended. If the barcode/QR code or any details on the Smartform are smudged, it may take us more time to process the payment.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 demised on June 15, 2022. It is suggested to use Microsoft Edge as the browser and click the Remittance Smartform. After that, click the three dots “…” in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Edge browser window and select “Reload in Internet Explorer mode” to open the Remittance Smartform.
  • Google Chrome and Apple Safari do not include Adobe Acrobat Reader by default, for details of enabling Adobe Acrobat in Chrome / Safari, please visit Adobe’s official website. If you wish to open Remittance Smartform with Chrome or Safari, please download to your laptop/desktop and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader / Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • The Smartform cannot be supported on mobile devices. Laptop/desktops should be used
  • Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC should be used for Windows OS; Adobe Reader DC should be used for Mackintosh
  • Please upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader / Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open the Smartform

After you have chosen the type of payment instruction, all mandatory fields will be highlighted in GREEN. Simply input the payment instructions in the mandatory fields and click "Print & Validate Form" to print the form when finished.

  • Debit Currency / Account Type
  • Debit Account Number
  • Remit Currency
  • Remit Amount
  • Debit Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Bank Code Type & Bank Code of Beneficiary Bank
  • Account Number / IBAN of Beneficiary
  • Full Name of Beneficiary
  • Local / Overseas Charges
  • Name of Applicant

You should continue to input the remaining part of the beneficiary’s full name in the Address field. 

Except for the signature space in the Customer Authorization Box in section 8, any typed or written amendment(s) made on the printed Smartform are not allowed. Any typed or written instructions or amendments made on the printed Smartform cannot be captured in the form’s barcode/QR code. For any amendments, please fill in and print a new Smartform again after amendment(s) are made. 

Yes, you can click the box “Chinese Input” in the Chinese language form, input Traditional Chinese or Simplify Chinese characters in the following fields:

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Address
  • Intermediary Bank Name
  • Intermediary Bank Address
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Address
  • Message to Beneficiary


Remark: An additional HKD150 per instruction shall be charged if remittance instruction contains Chinese characters (exempted for HKD remittance to Macau).

Yes, you can save data by pressing the "Save" button.

Yes, you can set up to 45 days in advance as the "Debit Date" under Payment Instructions in section 2.



# 24-hour Business Partner Direct - Mainland (Toll-free) allows you to contact us for free even when staying in mainland China. This hotline is applicable to general enquiries on commercial banking services only, but not enquiries/transactions of investment related matters. The toll-free hotline can be accessed from mobile lines, fixed telephone lines, payphones and call cards. Please note that Hang Seng Bank Limited (the "Bank") assumes no responsibilities for charges by any phone/telecommunications service providers, as well as all claims, disputes and complaints in relation thereto.

  • For updated service charge levy, please visit for the latest version of the Hang Seng Bank Limited ("Hang Seng") Banking Services Fees and Charges table or please contact Hang Seng branch staff for enquiries.
  • Hang Seng reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate the above services and amend the related terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice. In case of disputes, the decision of Hang Seng shall be final and binding.