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About Live Chat

“Live Chat” is a service on Hang Seng Commercial website that allows you instantly messaging to communicate with us. Whether you need help in managing your accounts, or are curious about our general Commercial products, or have general inquires about designated accounts, transactions or applications, you can now chat with us in real time. However, the information provided is not intended to provide professional investment, insurance or other advice. And any enquiries related to investment and insurance product are not supported by Live Chat.

We know you might have questions while using our online services. The Live Chat service helps you get answers and guidance right when you need it.

No, Hang Seng will not ask you to disclose any sensitive personal or account information such as account number, internet username, PIN, password, identity card number or personal data in its full or partial form while we interact with you via Live Chat. If the disclosure of more detailed personal or account information is required to assist you with your enquiry, Hang Seng will contact you via other means such as over the telephone. Please avoid disclosing any account or personal information when using Live Chat. If you have, in any case, disclosed your personal information when using Live Chat, the information will be masked and presented in its partial form in the view of our customer service officer for the sake of privacy. Before you start using Live Chat service, please click on the Live Chat Terms of Use and our Important Message to Readers and Internet Privacy Policy Statement (which incorporates our Notice to Customers and Other Individuals relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance) and read carefully to understand them.

We want to know your feedback on Live Chat experience so we can keep improving the service. The survey is anonymous.


Live Chat on Website

The Live Chat feature will appear on selected commercial banking services and products webpages listed below on Hang Seng’s Commercial Banking and Hang Seng Business e-Banking websites. On those pages, you'll be able to see the Green Live Chat icon on the right edge of your browser. Just click on the icon and a chat window will pop up immediately. We will gradually roll out more services / online product applications. The bank will modify the selected online services from time to time on customers’ needs observed.

Click the “+” at the bottom left corner of the chat window. You can click "Email transcript" to submit email address if you want to send the current conversation to any designated email. You can also click "Print transcript" if you are on desktop device.

Click the “X” at the top right corner of the chat window to end your chat.

We will view only Hang Seng’s webpages that you open during the Live Share session.

Yes, you will be in control of your computer screen throughout the Live Share session and you can terminate the Live Share session at any time by clicking on the "X" icon on your Live Share frame or closing the browser. During the Live Share session, our customer service officer will not be able to input any values or click on any button on your computer screen. Further, during the Live Share session, our customer service officer can only scroll your computer screen up and down, left and right, highlight a text on your computer screen, and point the mouse-over menu on your behalf on your computer screen.

If you prefer to call us for enquiry, you may simply end the chat by clicking the “close chat” button at the top right hand corner anytime you like. And if you need further assistance, please call:

24-hour Business Partner Direct

Hong Kong: (852) 2198 8000

Mainland Toll-free#: 4001 20 8288

# 24-hour Business Partner Direct - Mainland (Toll-free) allows you to contact us for free even when staying in Mainland China. This hotline is applicable to general enquiries on commercial banking services only, but not enquiries/transactions of investment related matters. The toll-free hotline can be accessed from mobile lines, fixed telephone lines, payphones and call cards. Please note that Hang Seng Bank Limited (the "Bank") assumes no responsibilities for charges by any phone/telecommunications service providers, as well as all claims, disputes and complaints in relation thereto.


Live Chat on Mobile App

You can activate the function by simply tapping “Live Chat” from the side menu after logging in to the Hang Seng Business Mobile App.

Please ensure that Mobile Security Key has been enabled on the Hang Seng Business Mobile App. To enable Mobile Security Key, please refer to the Mobile Security Key Registration with Verification Codes User Guide

If you wish to receive notifications when our Customer Service Representative responds, please enable “Allow Notifications” in device settings.

The conversation records will be automatically saved in the user profile which is currently using this function. Switching different user profiles will show the saved conversation records of the corresponding profile.

If you leave in the midst of the conversation, you will still receive replies from our Customer Service Representative in “Live Chat”. When our Customer Service Representative responds, the “Live Chat” from the Mobile App’s menu will show a red dot to remind you of unread messages.

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