To ease your business partners' concern about non-payment or non-performance

Your Concern:

An undertaking of payment by a reliable third party is required to provide confidence and peace of mind to your creditor.

Standby Documentary Credit (Standby DC) Service:

We can issue a Standby DC (or Standby LC) which is our undertaking to pay your beneficiary in case of your default.

Standby DC may be used for different purposes, including:

  • Covering non-performance or default on a underlying transaction
  • Guarantee by a parent company for credit facilities given to its subsidiaries
  • Supporting an importer's open account purchases
  • Serving as bid or tender bonds
  • Covering advance payment of a trade transaction



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How could we make a difference for you with Standby DC?

Peace of Mind to the Beneficiary

Standby DC gives the beneficiary such as a bank or supplier confidence in your capability to complete the underlying transaction. In case of your default, the beneficiary is guaranteed payment in the amount of the Standby DC. 

Enhanced Cash Flow

You can leverage your credit standing to secure other banking facilities.

Cost Saving

Standby DC allows you to enjoy considerable saving if you deal with the same supplier at regular intervals for similar quantity of goods.

International Practice

The Rules on International Standby Practices 1998 (ISP 98) stipulate general accepted practice, custom, and usage of Standby DC. 

Free Professional Consultation Service

As a seasoned provider of trade services, we give you professional advice on the risks and liabilities of different types of Standby DCs. We also help you formulate the terms and conditions of your Standby DC.



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