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Talk to B E R I - the Hang Seng Business Virtual Assistant.

Scope of Services

B E R I can answer your general enquiries of below banking products and services. You may refer to the examples below.



Bank Account

Opening an Integrated Account requires the following service charges:
• Administration feeHKD1, 200
• Company search fee: (Hong Kong registered) HKD150; (Overseas registered) HKD10, 000

You could make online appointment on Hang Seng Business Banking Website for account opening. For details, you could also call  our 24-hour Business Partner Direct Hotline.


Account Opening

You can make account opening appointment via following: 

• Make online appointment on Hang Seng Business Banking Website; or
• Call  our 24-hour Business Partner Direct Hotline

For limited company, those Directors forming quorum, Principal Shareholders with 10% or more shareholdings and Authorised Signatories need to bring required documents and initial deposit to Hang Seng Business Banking Centre for account opening.


Cash Management

Now I could perform real time exchange with your simple instruction.

For example:
• Please exchange 200,000 JPY for me
• Please help to transfer HKD14,000 from my HKD savings account to JPY account

Please click here to view Hang Seng's prevailing tariff (see "Part B: Remittances and Foreign Exchange Services > Outward Remittances").

• Chinese characters in Remittance instruction (if any): An additional HKD150 will be charged (exempted for HKD Remittance to Macau or RMB Remittance to China).
• Amendment / cancellation of an Outward Remittance: If the Remittance instruction has not been sent out, there is no charge. Otherwise, HKD200 (handling charge) plus HKD100 (cable fee) and overseas bank charge (if applicable) will be charged.



The terms of DC issued to you must indicate "Irrevocable" and "Transferable". Ultimate supplier and ultimate buyer information will be disclosed in Transferable DC. Information such as total amount, unit price or shipment date etc. can be modified. 

No credit limit is needed for Transferable DC issuance. The payment will be made to ultimate supplier once the payment is received from buyer's bank.

Hang Seng will check the bills submitted by supplier match with the DC and ensure that payment will only be made when all criteria have been fulfilled. In case of any discrepancy, it must be accepted by customer before the payment is made.


Service Channels

You can submit Business e-Banking Services Application Form by post or through Online Application platform. 

For Online Application details, please refer to here.

For Hang Seng branch location details, please refer to here.

Hang Seng Commercial Banking WeChat Official Account is an Official Account opened by Hang Seng Bank Limited on WeChat. It provides the hottest market news and receive updates of our latest products and services.

Please click here to the Hang Seng Commercial Banking WeChat Official Account page for more details.



Applicants are required to fulfill the following criteria to apply for Business Loan:
• Registered and with business operations in Hong Kong
• At least 6 Months of business operations
• For limited company, personal guarantee is required from ultimate beneficial owner(s) with at least 50% of ownership

Please upload your Business Loan document files with the following criteria:
• Condition 1: File format has to be either gif, jpg(jpeg), tif(tiff), png or pdf
• Condition 2: Maximum of a file size is 2MB (A maximum of 10MB for 5 files)
• Condition 3: File name cannot contain Chinese characters, space or symbols (e.g. &, %, $, etc.)

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