Export Trade Services

Offer a full suite of trade solutions that mitigate your risks and improve your cash flows

Your Concern as an Exporter (Supplier):

  • Cash flow is required to meet your production needs before shipment is made.
  • Getting cash flow before payment from buyer is received.

Pre-Shipment Seller Loans:

  • Packing Loan – you may obtain a loan of up to 80% of the amount of your export documentary credit (DC) before shipment; or
  • Order Packing Loan – you may obtain a loan of up to 70% of the amount of a confirmed purchase order from your buyer before shipment 

Post-Shipment Seller Loans:

  • Export Trade loans - Financing can be provided based on your invoices and evidence of delivery of goods. 




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Call 2198 8000

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Hang Seng SME Trade Loan tenor up to 90 days

How could we make a difference for you with Pre-Shipment Seller Loans?

Extra Cash flow

Enjoy immediate cash flow to pay for your production expenses such as purchase of raw materials or finished products, salary, arrangement of shipment logistics and other overheads.

Seamless Settlement

Using the same trade transaction, you can apply for post-shipment finance and use the proceeds to settle the repayment of your Pre-Shipment Seller Loans. 



How could we make a difference for you with Post-Shipment Seller Loans?

Extra Cash flow

You may enjoy immediate cash flow after shipment of goods. 

Free Professional Consultation Service

Our professional trade consultants are always standby to give you instant advice on trade solutions.


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