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Hang Seng Personal e-Banking
What can you do with Personal e-Banking?
      • Securities
      • Investment Funds
      • Equity Linked Investments
      • FX and Precious Metal Margin Trading Services
      • FX2 - FX and Precious Metal Trading Services
      • iPower
      • Capital Protected Investment Deposits
      • MaxiInterest Deposits
      • Investor Toolbox
      • Investment Account Opening
      • Update Language Display of Instant Order Confirmation Service
      • Risk Profiling Questionnaire
      • Travelsure
      • Personal Accident
      • Home Care
      • Full-time / Part-time Domestic Helper
      • Mortgage Overview
      • Instant Valuation
      • Mortgage Calculator
      • Quick Application
      • Document Upload
      • Mortgage Term Amendment
      • Mortgage Loan Early Settlement
      • Loans and Overdraft Overview
      • Handy Cash Personal Loan
      • Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan
      • Tax Comforter
      • Top Up Loan
      • Personal Revolving Loan
      • Asset Link Secured Overdraft
      • Unsecured Overdraft Facility
      • Find Your Solution
      • Loan Application Status Enquiry & Acceptance
      • Document Submission
      • Cards Overview
      • Credit Card / Spending Card Application
      • Cash Dollars Gift Parade
      • Cash / Spending Instalment Offers
      • One-Time password Service
      • Download Spending Card Designated Auto Top-up Amount for Each Top-up Transaction Form
      • Octopus Automatic Add Value Service
      • Maintain Overseas ATM Daily Withdrawal and Cash Advance Limit
      • Request Credit Card PIN / Spending Card PIN / Phone PIN
      • Request for Increase in Credit Card Limit
      • Download Opt-out for Overlimit Request Form
      • Document submission
      • Set up Bill Payment Reminder
      • e-Statement / e-Advice
      • Investment Funds e-Reports / e-Notices Service
      • e-Alert
      • Account Overview
      • Account Return
      • Contribution History
      • Fund Performance
      • Change of Investment Allocation
      • Account Balance
      • Portfolio Details
      • Contribution History
      • Asset Allocation
      • Fund Performance
      • Account Maintenance
      • Activate Security Device
      • Change Password
      • Form Download
      • Enquiries, Suggestions and Feedback
Minimum specifications for the use of Personal e-Banking
For desktops
  • Internet connection
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or above
  • Chrome with JavaScript enabled and 128-bit SSL encryption
For tablets / mobile handsets

You can access Hang Seng Personal e-Banking not only through your desktop but also through popular tablets and mobile handsets.

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Investors should note that all investment involves risks. Prices of Investment products may go up as well as down and may even become valueless. The offering documents and the Risk Disclosure Statement of the relevant investment products should be read in detail before making any investment decision.